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HLP Carl Pictures (64k users beware)

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Never did hear if Goober got a PM from watsisname, fyi.

I didn't.  Watsisname hasn't been active since December 2016, and I guess he doesn't get PM notifications via email.

Hippo is next in line, so I've sent him a PM.  After Hippo, the daisy chain concludes.  Anyone else want to donate towards the HLP Carl fundraiser?  All contributions go directly to the server fund; none of the staff get a cut.

Colonol Dekker:
What does it entail?

Just make a donation using the Donate button and indicate, in the notes, that it's for HLP Carl.

Site donations and HLP Carl donations are treated the same way for operating cost purposes; the only difference is that HLP Carl donations add the user to the HLP Carl exchange list.

Carl is no longer in my possession.  USPS confirms delivery to the address I received from Goober for Hippo, I hope he arrived in one piece.  Not sure if anyone else has made the contribution yet to be added to the list for Hippo to mail him on.  Also looking forward to pics from Hippo of Carl in his new location.


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