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The Future of TBP

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Well, now that it has one, in the hands of the fans, I would suggest those who wish to see TBP continue to grow discuss matters here.

My own suggestion, for what it is worth, is what was suggested by someone else earlier on, which was a kind of MediaVP set-up for TBP, where ships can be updated, repaired, and possible even upgraded/replaced at a later date by the members on a rolling system, go for future friendliness first and see where things go from that point.

This could be done in two ways, a Mod or a Patch, personally, I think a Mod is a better idea, since it means you can have both versions installed on the system so you can pick and choose, if you want to play on the original engine with the original TBP then you can, if you want to play Multiplayer with the newer content, you can.

I do know that people are already working on fixing some of the more problematical ships in the game, I'm sure they will chime in here, but I thought I might as well try to encourage people to talk about it and get enthused, the entire recent debacle has left an unpleasant aftertaste, and the best way to deal with it is some optimism.

personally being fairly useless at modding etc i cant offer much help but i agree a multiplayer mod would be good

if there is any way i can help please pm me ,

good luck

Details on this are still in the works.  For now just follow the rules thread and you will be OK with whatever is decided.  

It takes Vid and myself a little longer than normal to work details out since we are basically on different 12 hour shifts. 

Well, mainly I'm just trying to get a feel for what people want to get from the project, there are, for example both reasons for and against HTLing up the models in a rolling release system, especially things like texture upgrades can slow down the system, so for ships like the Starfuries, opinions may differ on the idea of HTLing it, many of those particular problems can be solved using a Mod system, to allow the player to pick and choose depending on the computer specs etc.

Goober said to discuss it here, but if there's already something in the works, I'll wait until there's some kind of announcement about it, not sure if I read your post right.

Well as far as HTLing stuff that most likely isn't what we have in mind.  People are welcome to do it but we ask that you follow the rules to maintain full backward compatibility.  0rph3u5's HP Auroras are a good example of how to do things.  You can drop them in and as a FREDder can choose whether to use them for your stuff.  You release you mission/campaign and along with a mod.ini choose what to use.  What makes it into the multiplayer validated stuff is what we will mostly be discussing.  Again we will be detailing all of this as soon as we can. 


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