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It's a Poseidon converted into a gunship! Fear the extra turrets (and underside missile launcher)!
Testing shows it'd make for a great convoy escort that isn't huge like a cruiser. Also good for point defense against bombers.

Kinda like a mobile sentry gun really. Credit go to mjn.mixael and Brother Bryon for the entire ship, all I did was rip the cargo arms away and add a few extra turrets.


Nice. Looks like a good candidate for pirate flotillas. Also, a military version mounting anti fighter beams would make for a strong fighter deterrent.

It's already a terrifyingly good fighter deterrent when equipped with the right weapons.  I made a 3 ship squadron, one with subachs, one with maxims and one with morningstars and they won almost completely unscathed against a wing of Hercs.

It actually reminds me of TI’s harpy. In any case, an excellent ship.

An interesting idea for sure; I certainly could imagine GTA doing something like that.


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