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[RELEASE] Nyx kitbashed a shivan freakin' jugg...

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Discord users are aware what I'm cooking up. So basically I was dropping a load last weekend and suddenly I felt sorry for bobbtmann's alternate Sathanas model. RGA's rework was included in MediAVPs and in the end, only Exile ended up using bobbtmann's one. Apparently there is very little need for bobbtmann's one in the community.

Then I got a reminder, that couple years ago I agreed to rework this monster with some... Certain individual.

So I decided to take bobbtmann's one and give it a makeover, to spawn a new design with more possibilities.

So behold...

The reworked SJ Amritaya.

Bobbtmann's alternate Sathanas become a custom, shivan juggernaut with trio of spinal beam cannons. Although it's front firepower is lower compared to Sathanas, this beast is armed with many, additional beam cannons scattered around the hull. Think about it as more battle-oriented Sathanas, capable of continuing the battle with great effect even without main fangs.

It's a kitbash, so it's certainly not top-quality asset. Some areas appear a little bit stretched, others looks underdetailed but I think it's forgivable for a ship I made in free time I had during the last 5 days. She's not PBR asset, but comes with AO maps and sweet baked glows showed on the last screenshot.

Bobbtmann - Original mesh
FreeSpaceKing - Parts of textures [actually from SSD Bhaal]
Oddgrim - Turrets
Nightmare - POFing and table
ShadowsOfLight - Inspiration, motivation and hella good vibes generated by his music.
Me - The rest

So... If you make a campaign and needs dedicated shivan monster to ruin a day of GTVA ship captains, look no further :]

That's pretty neato!


I think the GTVA is gonna need a bigger bomber to take that thing down, and of course keep the capital ships FAR away


--- Quote from: ShivanSlayer on August 26, 2021, 03:46:58 pm ---I think the GTVA is gonna need a bigger bomber to take that thing down, and of course keep the capital ships FAR away

--- End quote ---
Helios and BFGreen shall do the job :].

She's about 7 clicks long, so not much longer then her older brother. In fact she has the same proportions, but elongated for more slender apparition. Nightmare gave her almost 2mln hitpoints, but I envisioned her to be less durable then Sathanas. She's supposed to be larger and more deadly Ravana.


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