Author Topic: [RE-RELEASE] GVD Tempeth by RYX and WOO  (Read 1752 times)

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[RE-RELEASE] GVD Tempeth by RYX and WOO
So while going through my backup HD's i came across this ship made by Ryx and Woomeister in 2002, the GVD Tempeth. A neat design and a ship with teeth! i think it was the Vasudan answer to the Orion. Anyway i noticed it is not on the FSwiki so if anyone wants to add it or download it and make a High poly version here it is.


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Re: [RE-RELEASE] GVD Tempeth by RYX and WOO
Interesting to see something like that resurface after such a long time ^^

FWIW, here's the tech description of it from the old 3DAP INF site on wayback machine (VCI = Vasudan Central Intellegence)
VCI Tempeth:
The success of the Apothess class destroyer in negating large ships from outside conventional beam range prompted the construction of the Tempeth class, an even more ambitious design using experimental technologies. While she retains the forward reach of her predecessor, the Tempeth is also a superior all-round warship, effectively integrating the incredible firepower of the Asarte and the facilities of the Hedetet. All this versatility is packaged in a three-layer phase shifted armour carapace, an unrivalled armour technology that puts the Tempeth on almost the same footing as a dreadnaught.