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Title: Inquiry about the "red-alert" bug
Post by: TopAce on August 31, 2008, 05:41:01 am
I performed a search but didn't find an answer to my question.

I've been hearing a lot lately that 3.6.9. has problems with red-alert missions. Funny thing is, to me, that I've used the 3.6.9. more than any other build in my life, and haven't encountered any red-alert-related bug until I started playing Blue Planet. The "No Red Alert Patch" solved it, but I'm a bit worried because I revised all my already released campaigns and optimized them for 3.6.9. All of them have red-alert missions, but as I said, I never saw anything buggy about them. No one has posted any feedback on those versions that were optimized for 3.6.9. and it could be because they cannot progress with the missions after/during a red-alert mission, which they don't report and simply stop playing.

Is there a specific set of circumstances that cause this red-alert bug? Like custom interface (BP has one, my camps don't)? Does this persist on later builds?