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Title: Are translated media files legal to use with FSO and mods?
Post by: 735wu6ar on October 27, 2019, 06:13:05 am
Hi Folks!

If I understand correctly in order to play FSO and mods I need to have two tings:
- The FSO engine which is free.
- Original media files which are not free and must be taken from original CDs (i.e., you need to buy a legal copy of the game).

I have original CDs with
- FS1 (however I do not have Silent Threat  :( )
- FS2
all of these are in Polish. I suppose some part of the rights belong to CD Project.

Question 1:
How do I know if it is legal for me to extract media files from Polish CDs and use them with FSO and mods?

Question 2:
My FS2 CDs were bought not as brand new copies from a shop but as used ones from someone on the web. (Online auction if I remember correctly.) Is such a thing legal or maybe I need to buy a brand new original copy?