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Title: How to totally delete a player profile on mac? (radar = -1 bug)
Post by: zehavoc on January 05, 2020, 04:52:55 am
Hi all,
I'm a total newbie here so I'm sorry if the topic has already been covered (didn't find it in the faq).
I ran into some bugs yesterday when I was trying to start the pilot training. I clicked on the map and then an error message popped up saying that some radar variables couldn't be set to -1. 
Ever since, the game launches, the first cinematic shows up but the display window doesn't show up and goes in reduced mode. Impossible to play. So I'd like to do a fresh start without reinstalling anything.

 MacBookPro15,1 (32 gb, Radeon Pro 560X)
mojave 10.14.6
FSO 3.8.0 (64bits) using wxLauncher