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Hi everyone... i just want to say that i played the first FS a few years ago and i enjoyed it a lot. So thanks a lot for your great work.

I'm trying to make this work on my pc:

AMD Athlon XP [email protected]
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
S3+ 1GB DDR400
nVIDIA GeForce XFX 7600GT AGP8X (94.24 forceware)
Windows XP Professional SP2

My problem is that i'm trying to play the 1st FS, i did the 1st mission alright, with every graphic option on and on OpenGL, looks great and goes at 50/60 fps.
Then I loaded the second mission and after 5 minutes the screen freezes, with artifact and no way of going out reset apart.

Any idea?


I think i'll try silent threat and i'm downloading the last drivers (162.18)