Author Topic: failure getting things to work, but can I get weapon fire?  (Read 1221 times)

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failure getting things to work, but can I get weapon fire?
so I'm giving up for the time being trying to get things working all spiffy under linux. I'm just not experienced enough with it to build the mesa libs or even update my intel driver. :( 

I've determined that the -nohtl flag allows me to play the game reasonably well without the eye candy, as much as I appreciate that stuff. However, it also makes weapons-fire disappear. -oldfire does nothing for this. Weapons fire shows up without flags, but then the models are messed up.  Forget about mediavps, I'd like to just play through the game because it's fun. Is there a work-around I can use to get weapons fire rendered with the -nohtl flag on?

fwiw: I've installed fs2_open_r under windows XP as well, same box. loading times are SOOO much longer, but mediavps reads in correctly, I can turn on eye-candy (though my frame-rate suffers) so I know that the hardware is at least capable of it. I guess its just the borked intel-linux drivers. I'm trying to migrate away from windows, though, so I'm a little loath to keep playing...

Any suggestions?