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NULL pointer in object.cpp
Would post this to / search Mantis, but I can't remember my old password (SeanP) and it isn't sending a password for the new account (Sean_P).

I am experiencing a locally reproducible segmentation fault in both 3.6.9 from Turey's installer and 3.6.10 from SVN built using 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7) running under Ubuntu 8.04.  According to multiple traces, this is occuring in object.cpp.

Circumstances: the NULL pointer / segmentation fault reliably occurs when attempting to load a red-alert mission in the homesick mod.  I redownloaded the mod to ensure I did not have a corrupt vp.

According to valgrind run on 3.6.10 non-debug, the call stack causing the segmentation fault is:
at 0x81F6E9E: obj_move_call_physics(object*, float) (object.cpp:1431)
by 0x81F7BEC: obj_move_all(float) (object.cpp:2045)
by 0x8052E60: game_simulation_frame() (freespace.cpp:5960)
by 0x8056B94: game_frame(int) (freespace.cpp:6350)
by 0x8056F1D: game_do_frame() (freespace.cpp:6786)
by 0x80B2367: gameseq_process_events() (gamesequence.cpp:670)
by 0x8054B3B: game_main(char*) (freespace.cpp:9151)
by 0x8054C3D: main (freespace.cpp:9292)

According to output from 3.6.10 debug, the failure is occuring at object/object.cpp:1424:
ASSERTION FAILED: "pm->missile_banks != NULL" at object/object.cpp:1424

Attached is a Gzipped tar file which contains the following files:
fs2_open.log : Normal output of the debug version.
fs2_open.valgrind.log : Output of the debug version while running inside of valgrind
no-valgrind.dump: stdout and stderr of the debug version
valgrind.dump: stdout and stderr of the debug version while running inside of valgrind
valdumpr: stdout and stderr of the normal version while running inside of valgrind

If there is any more information needed, please don't hesitate to ask.

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