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Wine... linux... etc...
One of the things I'd like to do is shift as much of my FS modding/messing arounds/whatever over to 64-bit Xubuntu 8.04 as possible, limit XP use to maybe PCS2 and DMTOOLS VP viewing (I know there's Maja though.)

The first with that NTFS configuration tool, for some unknown reason the drives don't mount properly compared to 32-bit 7.10, have to directly access from the folders, and the mission load times are horrendously slow. And the mouse speed is just as bad i.e. very slow and no good for any fighter combat at all.

So now that NTFS tool is uninstalled, I have FS on a FAT32 external HDD, running it on W.I.N.E. and I want to run it in full screen at the max res my monitor can support for screenshot reasons (is Print Screen still usable in Linux for screenshots?). It works pretty much right out of the box, load times only a tad slower, and SURPRISINGLY with Windows-like mouse speed too, which means I can dogfight, but I have a problem:

Every now and then in full screen, the mouse gets "stuck" in random places as though there's an invisible wall, as a result I can't move the mouse to reach some menu buttons, or move the mouse axis all the way to turn the ship. Any solution for this?

On one occasion while messing around with the settings, I even lost control of the entire keyboard in game lol... it decided to go back with OS tasks while the game was still running :wtf: couldn't even quit, stuck like a sitting duck with only lasers and missiles...

Thanks in advance... :)
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