Author Topic: weird bug, INF build 20080525 (solved)  (Read 924 times)

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weird bug, INF build 20080525 (solved)
I'm working on a project to combine mods and make one huge ginormous space battle thing... just for grins. Right now i've combined TBP and fs2 with media vp's. I got all of the sounds squared away, but i'm noticing the strangest damn thing...

On my test map I have the Colossus, ISA Victory and EA Omega-X. the Victory and Omega are on the hostile team and Colossus is on the friendly team. If i shoot something i start taking engine wash damage. after a minute or so it stops. Anyone noticed anything odd like that before?

Now I will say I just got a new monitor and i'm running at a wide screen resolution 1600X1024. Other than that, nothing has changed. I'm not getting any .tbl or .tbm errors or anything like that, everything seems to be loading fine.

Anyways, any help would be much appreciated!

ok definitely something screwy. I just added a hecate to the map and as soon as it jumps in my screen goes nuts like i'm parked inside the thing's exhaust.


Problem was the engine wash info in the additional-shp.tbm.  I moved it to the ship.tbl file and it fixed it. It seemed to be only the core ships that were giving the problems but meh... fixed now =D
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