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HLP Carl Pictures (64k users beware)

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In a box in my garage ready to be shipped, had him way too long, I know.  I'm bad about getting to post office.  Had to repair him when I received him, then had to make sure I had him packaged so he wouldn't break again, then confused about who still wanted him next, then got  about shipping.  But I actually do want this responsibility gone if you're the next in line interested party.  Just keep forgetting to ask when I remember he's in my garage.

Does he have a warm blanket to keep him warm in your garage? Maybe some books too? Wouldn't want him blowing up the sun due to boredom.

Blue Lion:
What user is next in line? Can we say?

I think we should say because by now everyone may have forgotten about it (including me).

The queue consists of people who donated to the "HLP Carl" fund.  See here.  Chief1983 has him now, and watsisname is next in line.  After that is Hippo.

One year later....

Any updates? :P


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