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HLP Carl Pictures (64k users beware)

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Colonol Dekker:
I think the fadayeen got him  :nono:

Blue Lion:
He's been with one person for literally 7 years

I always intended to 3D print the zod model I have in the spirit of Carl.... I should do that.

EDIT: Checked a few online sites for 3D printing.. would be about $200 for printing the zod at Sculpteo. :(

Well, watsisname is next in line.  I PMmed him to see if he still wants Carl and to see if his address is still current.

I also PMmed chief1983, who has Carl currently.  At least Carl is still accounted-for and hasn't hopped on a spaceship to somewhere.

I have a 3D printer that prints carbon fiber PLA at 100 microns. If someone has the 3D model I'll give it a shot.


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