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How did Hades get ops?

 :eek2: :shaking:


I gave him ops temporarily just to watch him kick ban Jake.

And I thought I defeated the bastard:(

--- Code: --- <FSF> Well. They say he's a murderer...
* Jake-XXII murders chief
<FSF> He killed a girl called "BotenAnna" ...
<Ziame> no!
that was Hades
<FSF> Was it?
<Ziame> Yesssss
How'd he do it?
<Ziame> dunno
they say he used a sledgehammer
<chief1983> y'all can smoke a pipe
<FSF> ... er ?
<chief1983> I had to teach you a lesson, what chief giveth, the chief can taketh away
* Ziame beats chief1983 with a sledgehammer between legs
<Ziame> o **** I killed him
* Ziame slaps chief1983 with a large trout
<chief1983> what sledgehammer between what legs
trout isn't much better after that last statement
<Ziame> My sledgehammer crashes yo' balls
that sounded gay
didn'ti t
<FSF> It did.
* Jake-XXII slaps chief 1983 with a rotten fish
* Ziame slaps Jake-XXII with Jake-V
<Sushi> I just finished a mission where I had to bomb a demon, three ravanas, four molochs, and about a dozen cains, liliths, and rakshasas
For my efforts, I get a medal: "Wings"
<Ziame> congratulations
<Sushi> What a stupid campaign :p
* Ziame steals Sushi's Wings
<Ziame> now you can't fly
* Sushi plummets to the ground
<Ziame> muahaha
* Jake-XXII slaps ziame with Jakes I-XXI
* Ziame shoots Jake-XXII with a BFG 5000
<Jake-XXII> nooooooooooooooooo
|<-- Jake-XXII has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Ziame> anyone here plays QuakeLive?
-->| Jake-XXIII ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<FSF> A friend of mine does.
<Jake-XXIII> mwahaha
<Ziame> anyone HERE
<FSF> If you ever see a d4rkdud3 , tell him Bernard greets him.
* Jake-XXIII slaps Ziame with a iron crowbar
<Jake-XXIII> How dare u kill my previous clone!
* Ziame shoots jake-xxiii with a cookiecannon
* Jake-XXIII survives the assault
eats the cookies
* Ziame ensures Jake-XXiii dies in a horrible way
<blowfish> I hate allergies :\
<Jake-XXIII> nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
|<-- Jake-XXIII has left (Quit: Client Exited)
* Ziame hugs blowfish
-->| Jake-XXIV ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Jake-XXIV> hello
im a penguin
iv just come up from anctarctica
<blowfish> antarctic or galapagos?
<Jake-XXIV> u may know of my brother Jake XXIII
<Ziame> this is getting tiring
<Jake-XXIV> and my evil master Flint
<Ziame> just ****in die
* Ziame kills Jake-xxiv with a printer
* Jake-XXIV thanks the romans for inventing the Roman numerals
<Jake-XXIV> nooooooooooooooooooooo
|<-- Jake-XXIV has left (Quit: Client Exited)
<Ziame> dude if he returns
<DJShrike> b7
-->| Jake-XXV ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Jake-XXV> hello
<Ziame> i knew it
-->| mura ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Jake-XXV> im a penguin
<DJShrike> lal
<Ziame> this is getting old dude
<Jake-XXV> u may know of my brother Jake XXIV
im here to learn about humans
* Ziame beats Jake-XXV to death with DJShrike
<Ziame> i hate penguins
<DJShrike> I hate vans.
I hate stairs.
I hate elevators.
<Hades> I hate vanstairs
<Ziame> stfu you're unconcious Shrike
<DJShrike> rofl
* Jake-XXV reassures Ziame that there are plenty more numerals to go
-->| Flint ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
|<-- Flint has left (Quit: Client Exited)
* Ziame boms penguin cloning facility
<DJShrike> wtf!?
* Jake-XXV decides to complain to his master Flint
<mura> wtf
<Ziame> I need help here
* Jake-XXV is flint's pet penguin
<mura> you are on the 27th already?
-->| Flint ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Ziame> ****
<Flint> OYE
* Ziame shoots Flint
<Ziame> ha gotcha bastar
<mura> DJShrike: do you like men?
<Flint> I SAY
<DJShrike> No.
I have a girlfriend :3
<Ziame> alive one?
* Jake-XXV is pleased that his master Flint is here
<DJShrike> yes >> @ Ziame
<Ziame> oh that's something
<Flint> there there Jake-XXV
* DJShrike punts Jake-XXV across the room
<Ziame> Jake-XXV i killed u already
<DJShrike> D:<
|<-- Jake-XXV has left (Quit: Client Exited)
-->| Jake-XXVI ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Flint> dont worry
<mura> i thought you were singing this
<Flint> here comes another
<Ziame> look
* Flint welcomes Jake
<Ziame> just stop invading hlp
<DJShrike> rofl
I've seen that vid
<Jake-XXVI> hello
im a penguin
<Ziame> ****
<Jake-XXVI> iv just come up from anctarctica
* Ziame kills Jake with Flint
<Flint> oi
stop stealing me\
* Flint soothes his pet Jake
* Ziame nukes entire area
* FSF thinks this is getting more funny by the penguin
* Flint creates a shield round Jake
<mura> i have an idea
lets melt the south pole
* Jake-XXVI is just a baby penguin
<Jake-XXVI> :-(
<Ziame> GOOD ONE
<mura> bring the lucy
* Ziame nukes south pole
<Ziame> Shrike, wanna do the honours?
* Jake-XXVI eats Ziame's nucleur bomb's detonator
<Ziame> ****
<DJShrike> I'll provide the ominous yet strangely epic BGM instead.
<Ziame> k
* DJShrike goes behind his DJ set and plays a tune
* Flint ducks
=-= YOU are now known as Lucifer
* Lucifer melts south pole
=-= YOU are now known as Ziame
<Ziame> How was that *****es
* Jake-XXVI likes lucifer
<Hades> The SD Lucifer is the best damned lobster ever.
* Jake-XXVI wants to be Ziame's pet
<Ziame> ****
* Jake-XXVI is indestructible
<Ziame> omg
<Flint> hear hear
* DJShrike punts Jake-XXVI across the room with a spiked boot
* Ziame goes back in time to destroy the source of this evul and succedes
<DJShrike> That means I can torture you in the most unimaginable ways
* Jake-XXVI survives
<DJShrike> without you dying
<Ziame> NO YOU DON'T
<DJShrike> >:D
* DJShrike giggles maniacally
<Flint> oi stop bullying the penguin
<Ziame> i've got an ally
<DJShrike> Would you rather I bully you?
<Ziame> bring out the HEAVY METAL
<Flint> they costed me a lot of money
to buy from anctarctica
<DJShrike> metal
* Jake-XXVI dies
* Ziame kills Flint with a CD
|<-- Jake-XXVI has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Ziame> here it goes again
* DJShrike pounces Flint and shreds him with his claws
-->| Jake-XXVII ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Ziame> and now the gross
<Flint> oh ****
<DJShrike> oh ****
<Flint> here he comes
<Ziame> close your eyes children
<Jake-XXVII> hello
im a penguin
<DJShrike> DIE~
<Jake-XXVII> iv just come up from ancatartica
* Ziame ****s Jake-XXVII in both ears at once
<Jake-XXVII> i want to learn about humans
<DJShrike> OH GOD
* Jake-XXVII liked that :-)
<Ziame> ****
<DJShrike> .-.
* Jake-XXVII wants more
* Ziame runs
<Flint> **** jake why did i buy u
ur weird
<Ziame> Flint, join me
you know in your heart you will never be truly a part of them
* Jake-XXVII wants more more more more
<Flint> well
i did buy him
i am his master]
oh well
go get Ziame Jake!!
<mura> foodstuffs
must get
<Ziame> ************
* Jake-XXVII utters 'yes master'
* Ziame takes out the sword +112094712984% against penguins
* Jake-XXVII wants more ear****ing
<Flint> eeeqwwww jake
* Ziame slashes Jake
* Jake-XXVII liked that too
<Ziame> you're halved
now they are two penguins
how come
|<-- Jake-XXVII has left (Quit: Client Exited)
<Ziame> Flint, that's not a penguin
<DJShrike> We must dispose of it discreetly.
* Ziame takes out flamethrower
<Ziame> yeeeeha
let's get em
oh Flint
come here ;]
-->| Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Ziame> ****
<Flint> ****
thats a wiley penguin!
* Ziame burns Flint
nukes Jakes
* Flint has a fireproof coat on
* Ziame ear****s Flint
<Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB> hello
we are penguins
we have come up from anctartcica
we want to learn about Ziame's
<Ziame> that's psychodelic
* Ziame runs
<Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB> we have been slashed in two
<Hades> Bran-x, chief, can you ban this annoying guy?
<Ziame> stop stalking me!
<Hades> Brand-x*
<Sushi> Tales from The Second Great War Part II: today my squadron of infinite bombers destroyed three lucifers. Booyah.
<Ziame> wait
<Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB> oi hades
<Ziame> HADES RUN!!!
<Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB> remember me?
its Jake
<Hades> no
<DJShrike> KILL IT
<Hades> Oh, I hate you soooo much
* DJShrike flamethrowers them both
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB move toward hades as one
<DJShrike> D:<
* Ziame uses fire on jakes
* Hades pulls out flamethrower
<Ziame> yeeeeha
* Hades sets Jake and Jake on fire
* Flint wonders why everyone is getting so annoyed
<Hades> hurrr
<Ziame> durr
we are scurvy pirates
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB wants to be slashed in half again
<Hades> Arrg
<Flint> they are kinda cute
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB makes a pact with chief
wants to be moderator
<Ziame> no fair chief is not responding
*whisper* i think they got him too *whisper*
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB wants to be killed
<Hades> /ping Chief1983
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB feels sad that noone likes him
<Ziame> this is outpost HLP
* Flint arms the Penguins to make it a fair battle
* FSF kinda likes Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB
<Ziame> their funny
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB is really happy :-D
<Ziame> though we gonna kill'em
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB feels that they are indestructible
=== Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB <[email protected]> “”
=== Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB: member of #hard-light
=== Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB: attached to “This server does not exist. (Colorado, USA)”
--- End of WHOIS information for Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB.
* Flint lends Jakes his fireproof shirts
=-= YOU are now known as Jesus
*NickServ* This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise, please choose a different nickname.
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB want to be FSF's pets
<Jesus> now you're ****ed
* FSF adopts penguins
<HerraTohtori> wtf is going on here
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB likes Jesus
=-= YOU are now known as Ziame
<FSF> You don't wanna know.
<Ziame> RUN!
<HerraTohtori> so it would seem O_O
<Ziame> Penguins everywhere!
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB is very happy but wonder's if FSF needs permission from Flint
<Ziame> Chief defeated!
HLP Outpost is overrun!
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB doesnt mind if FSF is their godfather\
<Flint> yep FSF they are my pets these pesky penguins
* Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB needs to get reinforcements
|<-- Jake-XXVIIAandJakeXVIIB has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
* FSF starts giving grammar lessons to pnnguins
<Flint> now uv done it
<Ziame> if he comes back
I will puke
<Ziame> wtf is that
<Hades> kewl
-->| Jakes ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Jakes> hello
we are penguins
<Ziame> shhh
<Jakes> we have just come up from anctartica
<Ziame> shhh
be qyuet
<Jakes> we heard that u were killing our bretheren
<Ziame> qazwsx is giving a speach
|<-- Jakes has left (Quit: Client Exited)
<Ziame> finally
-->| Jakes-XXVII-XXC ([email protected]) has joined #hard-light
<Ziame> quickly, destroy the nodes!
too late
<Jakes-XXVII-XXC> hello
<Ziame> ;(
<Jakes-XXVII-XXC> we are back
\we have come to overthrow Ziame
<Ziame> never
<Jakes-XXVII-XXC> we dont like being killed
* Ziame takes out his cookie army
arms the piecannon
<Jakes-XXVII-XXC> we all want ziame to ear**** us
<qazwsx> wait, why am I giving a speech?
* Jakes-XXVII-XXC get their flippers ready
<Ziame> shh
* FSF abandons penguins
<Ziame> FSF join me
* FSF does
<Flint> oi FSF but what about your oath?
<Ziame> stfu!
<Flint> how dare u betray the penguins
a pet if for life!
* Ziame pats FSF on the back
<Flint> a pet is for life!
u cant just discard them in the street!
<DJShrike> Lies.
<FSF> I can, if
<Jakes-XXVII-XXC> we are hungry
<FSF> they start ear****ing.
* Jakes-XXVII-XXC feels sad that papa FSF is evil
* Ziame starts shooting with all the arsenal
<Ziame> EAT THAT
* Jakes-XXVII-XXC feel that their lives have been scarred
* Jakes-XXVII-XXC will never forgive FSF
decide that they like Ziame
like free food
<Flint> corr cute arent they?
* Ziame enters his cookieship
<Ziame> muahahahaa
with FSF as my ally you can't possibly win!
* Jakes-XXVII-XXC are fans of the matrix
<Ziame> fire the secret weapon, my fellow penguinhater!
* Jakes-XXVII-XXC are modelled on Mr Smith
take cover
* FSF pushes button
<Ziame> whole universe collapses
* FSF ducks
<Ziame> the end
--- End code ---


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