Author Topic: How do i increase audio channels.  (Read 872 times)

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How do i increase audio channels.
If there is at least something going on in the game, many sounds are skipping. Most often dialog voices and gun firing sounds. I suspect audio channels is set to 8 or something. Is it possible to increase it.


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Re: How do i increase audio channels.
Y'know, I've noticed stuff like this too. I'm not sure this problem happened in retail. Anything we can do?

Re: How do i increase audio channels.
Selecting "Generic Software" under Audio tab helped.(noticeably decreased audio quality though) So whoever coded the OpenAL support probably set the channels value too low, if thats even possible.


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Re: How do i increase audio channels.
It will use up to 32 channels, the exact same as retail.  If you use something other than "Generic Software" though you will be limited by some sort of hardware limitation.  For instance, using "Generic Hardware" typically results in getting only 12 to 16 channels.  There is nothing that we can do about that though, you just have to use "Generic Software" if you run into those sorts of hardware/driver related limits.