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While the head ani is displayed, the FPS gauge does not change for me but if I try to turn the ship the movement is choppy.  It stops if I disable vsynch but then I have problems with tearing.
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Herra: Funny, that nearly exactly describes the theory I had about the issue on IRC earlier.

technopredator: The issue has nothing to do with respective hardware or running applications, so a comparison of Task Manager would reveal nothing of any pertinent use.
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In this topic I described a rather similar problem, with the difference that "Freespace 2 stopped working" when it happened.

After some testing I found a solution for my problem, in setting various compatibility flags in the properties of the .exe. After I initially tried 4 options I narrowed it down to two:

  • campatibility mode: Windows 7

(which stands for Windows 7 32bit I guess, so it might help those who, like me, run a 64bit Windows)

  • run as administrator

Since running the .exe with these compatibility flags I had no more crashes. It might not help with the "lag", but I figured I'd mention it anyway, just in case...;)