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Hello again.

I´m looking for information to know if the Freespace Open works with real 5.1 surround sound.
I mean the front and rear speakers also working for true 360º experience, Sub Bass as well  ;7

I found a little post that talks about  "OpenAL Soft".

But finally i don´t understand well if the OpenAL Soft is needed always to play with 5.1 or just in some cases...

So the question, with the standard launcher is possible to activate the 5.1 sound if you have the hardware needed ?
Sorry, i don´t have a any 5.1 system to check it...  :p

Thaks a lot...


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I'm going to assume that you are running Windows. If that is not the case, please say so.

For OpenAL games (like FreeSpace 2 Open), if you are running Windows Vista or later and your sound card/chip does not support OpenAL natively (if it's not by Nvidia or Creative, it almost certainly doesn't), then yes, you do need OpenAL Soft for 5.1 sound. In the launcher, you will probably need to select a sound device that is not labeled "Generic Software."

For Windows XP and earlier, you may be able to select a sound device labeled "Generic Hardware." If that's not available, you may need OpenAL Soft.
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Yes, i´m using Windows 7 at the momment and i understood very well.