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[SOLVED] Very odd lighting issue.
Hey all,

I'm having this very strange bug in my ship/loadout selection screens. Whenever I select a ship or weapon, instead of normally displaying the object like in the tech room, it appears completely black.

Here are some examples:

This is what I see when I view models in the tech room (I couldn't resist picking this sexy Medusa):

This is what the same model looks like in the ship selection:

Finally, here is what I see during weapon selection. Note how the Artemis looks totally normal, while the Prometheus is having the black model issue.

While these are not the best examples, as they are imported HTL models rather than what came packed with the 3.6.12 MVPs, I get the same issue no matter what ship or weapon is in the display.

I am currently running FS2 Open 3.7.0 RC2, and I have tried using SSE2, SSE, and NO SSE builds as well. Same problem.

Also, I am currently running an AMD 7950 GPU with up to date drivers as of yesterday.

Attached is my log in case anything pops up in there.

[attachment deleted by ninja]
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Re: Very odd lighting issue.
This is a known issue as far as I know with AMD graohic cards.  :doubt:

Try disabling FXAA. (not really sure about this)


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Re: Very odd lighting issue.
I was able to resolve this issue by rolling back to the 13.1 drivers.