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Rather, i find the question more of how to integrate non-canon information such as appearances in (notable) campaigns into the article proper, and how to keep it cleanly separate from the canon information.

Secondly, I think for the Meson Bomb in particular, there might be a case for a separate article for the technology itself and one for the specific "ship" (or in this case, cargo container), since there's no limitation that meson bombs have to be TC Meson Bombs - for example, I doubt the ones shoved within the Bastion and Nereid used to collapse the jump nodes are of the triton-carriable variety.

Seeing as how much...uh...attention that one-liner aeolus comment got, i have my hesitations simply going wild with fan-made campaign information on the TC Meson Bomb page (and I'd assume other people have similar concerns)

Black Wolf:
Be sensible and constructive, accept edits as part of the wiki model, don't get caught up in edit wars, and you'll be fine.

If this is going to be the featured article for the next little bit, I'd very much like to see more detail added. At present, this is a very typical ship page - not normally sobering that would qualify as a featured article IMO, so we should clean it up.

 Given how relatively little information the game gives us, I'm not sure that we need a separate page for the technology vs the ship, but a separate subsection would definitely be valid.

As for non canon stuff, yeah, chick it in under a separate subheading, possibly add the non-canon identifier as well.

Oh, and screenshots, if anyone has any good, relevant ones? A gallery at the bottom would be great.

I've made some edits to the Meson Bomb page, and moved stuff out of the Featured Article summary accordingly.

And yeah, no need to make separate articles for the cargo container and the bomb itself.


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