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Freespace Open & GoG Galaxy
Anybody know a way to launch Wxlauncher thru GoG Galaxy?Wxlauncher is installed in a separate folder inside the Freespace one.
Im guessing there is a command line that you can use,but I have no ideea how it should look.I just wanna play Freespace Open Port thru the Galaxy launcher so it records my time.
Any advice?Thank You.


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Re: Freespace Open & GoG Galaxy
You could probably mess with Galaxy's SQLite databases to achieve this... but I'd advise against it. It's more trouble than it's worth.


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Re: Freespace Open & GoG Galaxy
Whether or not this is possible, I'd recommend using Knossos instead of wxLauncher.  Knossos is a lot easier to use and it won't make a difference as to what you're trying to do here.
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Re: Freespace Open & GoG Galaxy
Back in the XFire days i achieved this with a simply rename of the fs2open.exe into FS2.exe (with a backup of the original file of course)  :D

Because you need a launcher only to set up your inital settings more easily. After that it is stored in a file and is used in every subsequent start of the executable.

So you can use wxlauncher only to change your activated mod, but you do not need it otherwise.
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Re: Freespace Open & GoG Galaxy
Renaming Fs2open to FS2 worked,can't believe I didn't think of it.I did the same thing to other games so they work with galaxy,but it didn't cross my mind here.
Thank you, I can finally play this in sweet HD.