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BP Eyes in the storm bug
Hi there!
I have just experienced a game breaking bug/glitch thingy in Blue Planet Tenebra – Eyes in the storm.

Firstly, after placing the tank turrets on the platforms and pressing enter again to return to flight mode the mouse cursor still appears on screen, making flying with the mouse almost impossible. Grrr….
I managed to finish the mission by setting it to very easy / first run and using my HOTAS, which wasn’t easy since it’s a Thrustmaster Flight T with its crappy deadzone problem.

The debrief said I had passed it fine, but when clicking on the accept arrow it came up with the ‘you have failed and cannot accept’ pop up. Therefore I couldn’t get past it.

Is there a way to fix the mouse issue and allow me to continue? Failing that, is there a way to cheat to advance to the next level thus bypassing the problem?

Ok, winge over 😉

Cheers 😊
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