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Help! Freespace 2 Open
Hey, Been 15 years since I messed with PC games. This was a game I used to play in my teens. So I downloaded Freespace 2 from Steam. Ofcoarse I got the root not found. I am running Windows 10. So noticed most of the links are gone or not working on here. Does this even work on windows 10. I tried downloading different things like the Knossos but that wont run on my pc and yes i disabled my virus software for it. Still failed. Tried FSO installer,  Tried Wxlauncher. I got the FSO working to download mods but it still wouldnt launch the game because of the root directory fail. Even right clicking on the registry and clicking yes and yes wont work. I copied it to C:games/freespace2    folder as well. So does this even work on windows 10? Is there like a retard version I can get I havent messed with this kinda stuff in forever especially modding so trying to figure this out. Any help?


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FSO very certainly works on Windows 10.

[...] like the Knossos but that wont run on my pc [...]
Can you please explain what you mean by "wont run"? There's a bunch of different things that could be going wrong and they all have different solutions. To help you further, I need to know what happens. Also, how did you download/install Knossos?