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I've installed FSO, selected GOG's exe and mods but then how do I run the game?  I see several exe's and the wxlauncher-0.12.0-rc.2.exe that appears to install this launcher.  Am I supposed to now install this? And do I install it in this same game directory?  I'm under the impression this should have installed already and if so, where can I launch it from? I have not been able to find it.
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If you used the FSO Installer, wxLauncher won't be installed since that installer just downloads the wxLauncher installer and doesn't run it. You'll have to install wxLauncher and then select the game directory. Afterwards you should be able to select one of your installed mods, edit flags and launch the game.

If that's too complicated, you might want to try giving Knossos a go (link is in my signature) which is generally easier to use and contains more mods than the FSO Installer.

Thanks.  That was it and not complicated at all.  I just wanted to be sure I needed to install the launcher.  I AM LOVING THIS! I never got around to playing this game in the old days and I am very excited.