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Help with Stealth Loki's. ST-R, "Forced Hand"
Please help.
Silent threat reborn: mission 13 I believe.  "Forced Hand."  I have to disable then disarm a large ship, the REPULSE.
That goes fine, but at some point, some invisible Loki's come by and wipe me out. 
I think they have special stealth tech, so that you cannot target them in any way... so how can I survive to the end of the mission?

This is really killing me - tried all the stategies I can, but no way to beat them when you can't see them

Please offer me help! :hopping: :mad:
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Re: Help with Stealth Loki's. SL-R, "Forced Hand"
Well, you could use the Repulse for cover, because the AI is most likely to crash into its hull. After a while, you should be able to have the situation under control, so that the Lokis can be shot down right immediately after their launch from the fighterbay.
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Re: Help with Stealth Loki's. SL-R, "Forced Hand"
They're not invisible, just hidden from your radar - you can shoot them down with primary weapons fire, but a good way could be also to spam some Furies to get kills faster. A good way to keep track of where are you attacked from is to fly in camera chase view: * key on your numpad toggles it.
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Re: Help with Stealth Loki's. SL-R, "Forced Hand"
To help with your survival, be patient and work with your wingmen in the first phase of the mission.

Second, load up with non-aspect-seeking missiles such as Furies or Synaptic bombs. Ask your wingmen to cover you, they tend to do better against stealth fighters than you do.

Third, seek cover around capital ships. There should be a friendly cruiser or two as well as the Repulse and the drydock pylons. If you can't fight them offensively, then play defense. Shunt power from weapons to shields and engines.

If all else fails set the difficulty lower.
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Re: Help with Stealth Loki's. ST-R, "Forced Hand"
Hey - some great suggestions - I'll stick close to the Repulse for some cover --
I think the chase view may help me.

Problem is that one is always on my tail, pasting me -  since I can't target with radar, I try to go left and right, pull loops up or down, but I can't ever get him in my view to shoot back.

won't have time to try tonight - give it a try tomorrow with chase view and fury dumbfire missles. Thanks!!
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Re: Help with Stealth Loki's. ST-R, "Forced Hand"
Great thanks to all who helped me -
I didn't have any luck hitting those Loki's with Fury missiles.
I finally had to decrease difficulty level to Easy, in order to defeat them.  Just had to count on flying around until I either recognized the Loki appearance, or sometimes tipped off by seeing my wingmen firing at another ship.  But just had to count on seeing them in my view in order to shoot - very difficult.

It did help alot, when being pursued, to hug the Repulse, hit afterburners and go through it's tight spots and around corners to lose a Loki and survive.

Thanks again!

Re: Help with Stealth Loki's. ST-R, "Forced Hand"
You can actually hide yourself from enemies inside Repulse's geometry if you manage to disable it. Basically, the place you want to reach is in the middle section of the ship, in between the antenna arrays and the "main" chunk of the hull. This will severely limit the possibility of you getting shot, as only a small angle remains. Also, do you use some kind of a super dark lighting setting? Ships will be better visible if you turn off the setting "Disable emissive lighting" (in graphics flags) and bump your -ambient_factor value (in custom commandline setting).
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