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How to play Ross 128?
So I'm using knossos 0.13.3.
I found the Ross 128 mod and want to play it - downloaded it and installed using Knossos.
go to home page of Knossos, click PLAY, and get to the Campaign list:
I just see :
  • Great War
  • operation Templar
  • Silent Threat : Reborn

so I clicked on Great War, but of course that just starts the regular FS1 campaign, with the mission : Eve of Destruction.

So can anyone spoon feed me?  Exactly where do I click, what do I click on, to play the Ross 128 Mission?
maybe I have to install it manually and use WXLauncher instead?

thanks for any help!

Re: How to play Ross 128?
Possible that it is a single mission instead of a campaign? You'd have to go to the techroom then.

Re: How to play Ross 128?
ahhh -- you got it --
in the tech room, mission simulator, single missions - - finally found it there.
kind of cool, but in the end when Lt. Ashe appears, the Shivans cooked him, and then killed me too - I guess I'll have to run and hide a long distance away to be able to watch more at the end.

Hey - thanks for your help, Nightmare!