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What and where to get it?
Heya, I have been wondering what is recommended for playing Freespace these days. I have merely the gog install and I was wondering what upgrades and mods are best. (Besides Blue Planet :P)

Also, what are the mod tools used to import 3d models ingame? I want to make a few starships! :)


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Re: What and where to get it?
1. Use Knossos - all in one installer, manager and launcher! One nice thing is that it can extract everything it needs from a FS2 GoG installer, so you can not bother yourself with installing FS2 on its own.
2. This thread will be helpful for you:
Of course, you can pick any mod on Knossos and play it. The mod list is constantly updated so any mod someone makes will be available to you in the Explore page. You also get notifications of new mod updates!
3. I have no idea about model work but there's definitely a program called PCS2. Perhaps you'd want to check it out.

And the most important, welcome and have fun!
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Re: What and where to get it?
In regards to ships, modding portal is a good start I think (saw this mentioned in another thread just now  :p)