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what does the launcher want for the FS2 open game root folder? I though it would have been  C:\Games\FreeSpace2 but it doers not find anything it wants.

Which launcher? If you're using Knossos, during FSO setup it will ask you about the directory of your FS2 install (it can also extract the needed files from a GoG FS2 installer). The other thing it sets up is the folder where all the mods are downloaded into, I think it was called the root folder or library folder? I absolutely can't remember it.

The important thing is that the two should never be the same directories. I think Knossos disallows such a directory selection either way. The former is the location of original FS2, and the latter would be the place for mod and FSO data storage.
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I  installed FS2 game with the original Freespace 2 CDs. Than I use the FSO installer. Anything folder I try does not work.

What is missing in my folder?

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You can simply try other launchers like Knossos which is more common these days.

Yeah, just use Knossos. It will handle most of the FSO and mod installation for you and you get a very pretty and easy to use interface. Links are in the top bar of the forum under "Installing Freespace Open".
How do you kill a hydra?

You starve it to death.

Ok I got Knossos but when I select the directory C:/Games/FreeSpace2 it states this will not work. I also do not see any auto detect.
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Output pic

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Because Knossos works diffently to other launchers like wx, your Knossos data Folder have to be different to the FS2 one

FreeSpace 2 will be copied into the Knossos Data structure later.
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Can I just rename the C:/Games/FreeSpace2 to C:/Games/FreeSpaceopen? Or just let Knossos create the new directory?

disregard I am overthinking

Knossos is a impressive installer, launcher. I had no issue running it. I like the home page of what a player has installed nicely done. I do know some about coding this must have took sometime.


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It certainly did.  A programmer and an artist worked together for more than a year to produce what you now see. :yes: