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I have tried 4 times unsuccessfully to load the installer, and each time it is the same problem:

MV Root 7z failed.

And ideas how to fix this problem?

Which installer are you using?


You can download the file here:

Alternatively you can use Knossos directly.

Yeah, since you didn't install FSO yet I suggest you to use Knossos instead... It's an all-in-one installer, mod manager and launcher. And, basically, it's cool.
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Knossos keeps looking for FSO which has not installed yet.

Unless I am doing something wrong.

It needs FS installed, FSO versions are handled by Knossos.

Problem is that FS will not install because the MV Root failed to load, which is why I started this in the first place

Neither the FSO installer nor Knossos provide the main game (you have to buy and install that first).


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@MacsenDagda can you zip and upload your logs folder?

MV_Root.7z isn't a retail Freespace 2 file. If I recall it correctly, it's the archive carrying the root package for MediaVPs. FSO will run just fine without it, but it won't have the graphical goodies provided by MediaVPs.

Yes, you need to have Freespace 2 installed to install Freespace Open. Or, if you bought FS2 on GoG, just the installer file, Knossos can extract everything it needs from it to set up FSO.
How do you kill a hydra?

You starve it to death.