Author Topic: FIXED: FS2_open.ini contains a joystick  (Read 1489 times)

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FIXED: FS2_open.ini contains a joystick
I'm getting this error message, which is strange because when I open the FS2_open.ini it says NO JOYSTICK and I have never played with a joystick.
The error is on trying to open FS2 with the mediaVPS.
I have only played this once (earlier today).
I play with mouse+keyboard.

The full error message is:
Your FS2_open.ini contains a joystick which this FSO version can't detect and Knossos doesn't remember your joystick. Please go to Knossos' settings, select your joystick and try again.

Of course, I don't own a joystick so I'm a bit stuck.

Please keep any technical help on the level of 'technical n00b' cos that's what i am..

Thanks :)

ps amazing work on this mod by the way. This whole thing takes me right back to 1999.
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Re: FIXED: FS2_open.ini contains a joystick
OK I fixed this.
For some reason the Force feedback box in Knossos' settings was ticked, even though no joystick was detected.
I just unticked that and it works now.