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Throttle Issues in FSPort
Hi guys, I've been playing the FSPort for a while without any issues. Today I'm having some really odd issues with all of my throttle controls on my keyboard.

The keybindings are all set to default but it's like there's a brick on the accelerator pedal. Whenever I start a mission my ship boosts on it's own and is set at max throttle.

I can't turn throttle to zero using backspace, I also cannot use the ] and  [ buttons to drop my throttle to a lower speed. TAB doesn't respond either for my afterburner.
When I match speed with a target it says I am matching speed, but my velocity is still maxed out. The only thing I can do to control my speed is hold Z and that makes me slow down, but as soon as I release the key I am going at full speed again.

What's really odd is that all of my other keybindings are working just fine. I just tried Freespace 2 and I am having the same exact issue.  :confused: :confused: :confused:

Am I missing something? I really need to be able to control my speed to play...
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Re: Throttle Issues in FSPort
2 things that *might* work-
do you have "Adapt to my targets speed" on? Seems unlikely, but not impossible.
there's a "reset all controls" button in the config menu.