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Hi, having trouble getting my fighterstick and pro throttle (CH, both of them) into one controller 'device'. I"m sure there are others here with CH hotas setups, anyone care to try and walk me through it? I'm running Windows 10 and have the CH Control Manager downloaded. Any help is appreciated.


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Any progress? I'm using the same setup and have also merged into one device. You have to define buttons, and axis and when finished, then hit the download/compile button

Two utilities I use are Joystick Gremlin (Swiss army knife of joystick apps) and devreorder which is invaluable with Windows 10 rearranging controllers as Freespace only sees the first four devices.  With Joystick Gremlin you can combine all your controllers into one virtual joystick and even add joystick curves as well as remap buttons to Vjoy or the keyboard.  Great program.

Both programmers are nice guys who are very supported with questions