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I'm looking for some assistance in what to change in my lighting presets to either remove or reduce the bright glow that surrounds most (all?) light sources, including engines, on ships (see the attached screenshots with circles around the glows I'm describing).  I find it to be really intrusive and obstructive, and semi-unrealistic since it typically indicates an atmosphere.  I don't think I'd mind it if I could just turn it down significantly.  Is there a setting that lets me adjust that?

Unrelated, is there a way that I can hide the UI/instrument panel for better screenshots, and a way that doesn't trigger the pause menu?

If this should go somewhere else, please let me know and I'll absolutely move this topic.

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Switch to new nighty with lower bloom settings or set bloom yourself by -bloom_intensity flag. I find 15-25 close to realistic look.

As for HUD, you can disable is by pressing Shift + O.
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Only part that I'm unsure of is should I drop the contents of the screencam folder (the one inside the .zip folder) into my fs2 directory and overwrite my mod.INI file (which seems odd to me), or just drop the screen cam folder into my fs2 directory.  I tried the latter and nothing happened upon pressing alt-1.  The image that's in the post is a broken link now.  It says to "select screencam as the mod in the launcher".  This was created for an older version of fs2 open I think, so is that still relevant in current builds?  How do I activate it with Knossos?

I'd place the content into the main FS2 folder, the data folder should contain equivalents of the folders seen in the mod.

I usually just drop the "data" folder into my MediaVPs. Using screencam as a separate mod isn't helpful anyhow.
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I dropped the contents of the folder into MediaVPs 4.0 and it works like a charm.  Thanks so much guys!  Also, my lighting looks much better with reducing bloom.