Author Topic: I've been away for 6 years, how outdated are my mods?  (Read 550 times)

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I've been away for 6 years, how outdated are my mods?
Hi friends!!

I recently upgraded to windows 10 and decided to look in on ol' Freespace and see if my installation would still run, and it did. Only problem I can tell is that Windows 10 seems to have broken my Dolby Digital Live (Open AL?) so the rears and subwoofer signal come out of the center speaker instead (wtf, right?)

Here's what I have as far as FS:

I'm guessing the mods have gotten much fancier. I still obviously have the same old PC w/ Auzen Xplosion 7.1 sound card , but now it has an i7 3770 and a 1070ti and 16 gb of ram.

Just wondering how I should best proceed to catch up, mod/graphic-wise, and if by chance there are any VR mods? Have any strides been made on voice commands? I remember being super excited about that, but the changes that would have made it work ended up in some other branch that wasn't incorporated into the main version (or something like that...).

Thanks everyone!! :)


Re: I've been away for 6 years, how outdated are my mods?
Not sure about the rest, but we've gotten a brand new and fancy mod installer/manager, see for installation. While you will need to redownload a bunch of stuff, since you've got only a single mod downloaded currently, it'll be only a moment.

The next thing you should look up is this guide, it's got a bunch of good mods suggested and explained. Last 6 years of FSO saw a lot of high quality releases, so pick whatever you'd like and just play!

Also once you've started up Freespace on the new launcher, see to it that you use all of the new fancy graphical options that were introduced. They're awesome.

Besides, if you want to chat a bit but more informally than you'd normally do on the forums, HLP has got its own Discord server Worth a visit if you're using this program.
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