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Problems Displaying Main Hall and Mission Briefing
Really excited to get Freespace Open working... I only hear about the project for the first time yesterday! I've installed FSO on top of the Steam version of Freespace 2, and spent about 6 hours troubleshooting, reading this forum, and trying to get it to work.

Still have a couple issues, but the most difficult at the moment is the great hall (and the registration page, and the mission briefings). On these pages only a couple of the elements load. Some others will display only if the mouse is hovering over them. But most of the tiles simply do not display. Most confusingly, this does NOT happen in the debug versions (e.g. FS2 Open 19.0.0 Fast Debug SSE2), it ONLY happens in the normal playable version (FS2 Open 19.0.0 SSE2).

I followed the instructions to get an error log anyway.

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Re: Problems Displaying Main Hall and Mission Briefing
That is fascinating. The log is loaded with OpenGL errors.

He is running a 1080 with drivers only a few revisions behind. It may not help, but I'd start by making sure your Nvidia driver is fully updated.
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Re: Problems Displaying Main Hall and Mission Briefing
One possible source for this error is the use of MSI Afterburner or similar tools to generate overlays. Please disable those and try again.
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Re: Problems Displaying Main Hall and Mission Briefing
So after working on the problem for a while longer it turned out to be a combination of 2 things:

1) I needed to be using the Knossos launcher, NOT the FreespaceOpenInstaller.jar and wxLauncher.exe recommended by the installation guide in Steam. Everything just works SOOOOOOO much better with Knossos!

2) The game itself was crashing because of the MSI Afterburner in-game overlay  :banghead:. Good call, @The E. As a side note, I had also been unable to get the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to run either, and it would always crash on launch. After disabling the overlay got FS Open to run, I opened CoD as well, and it suddenly started working!

So, lesson learned. Ingame overlay does not play nice with some games.