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Critical Error in Knossos
I'm getting a critical error when trying to run retail FS2 through Knossos (It states a critical error occurred and Knossos might have have to be restarted to work properly. I am then given a set of buttons at the bottom of the error box to report the error to Discord, the Forums or Github). The error box appears if I click the Play button or try to access the options drop-down menu. I can't post a log because I can't choose the debug build as the EXE to run when the retail version starts (critical error). All other mods, including the MediaVPs 4.1.1, FSport MediaVPs and Silent Threat all work just fine. Only the retail FS2 won't run.

I had the same issue with the GOTY Pack too, but I simply uninstalled it and reinstalled it with Knossos and it fixed the error with that mod. But I can't do the same with the retail FS2 as they are the original files that Knossos used from the original game. Has anyone else see this? Is there perhaps a file or folder missing that Knossos is looking for that could be causing this? I'd hate have to have to completely delete Knossos, FS2 and all of the mods - then reinstall everything again just to fix this.

Any ideas?


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Re: Critical Error in Knossos
Please try updating Knossos to this version
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Re: Critical Error in Knossos
Yep that fixed it. Go figure.  :p


Re: Critical Error in Knossos
Seen a few people having that problem, might be useful to update the "news" section at the top of the page with that info.


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Re: Critical Error in Knossos
Knossos is great for keeping FSO and all of your mods up to date, but you have to go hunting for updates for Knossos itself.  :confused:

Maybe the way Knossos checks for updates for EXEs and mods (giving you a little green check mark when you are up-to-date), Knossos could be programmed to do this for itself (as Nightmare mentioned, even a news flag would help). Or, as soon as Knossos opens, when it does its update scan for all of the installed mods and such, it could also look for its own updates and provide you with a download dialog when there is a (non-alpha/beta) update available and offer to download and install it. Everything else is already automated in Knossos - why not the automator?

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Re: Critical Error in Knossos
That would be indeed a good feature. :nod:


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Re: Critical Error in Knossos
...Knossos already has an auto-update feature. ngld didn't want to push the initial 0.14 RC version as an auto-update since it was still a work in progress, and then Real Life got in the way, so it wasn't until recently that a few other devs were able to work on outstanding bugs. Once 0.14 has the last few issues ironed out, it'll get set to auto-update.

Re: Critical Error in Knossos
Ah ok, didn't knew that.


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Re: Critical Error in Knossos
Is there a Mac version of this updated? I had a problem with the previous versios of knossos that I couldn't solve.
(Here for details: