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Old Cockpit Mod non-functional
Might as well make a thread,

Hi, I'm a long time user/lurker of the FSO and I love the work. Recently I updated my Knossos and my FSO to 19 as well as my Mediavps for FS2 to 4.2  and in doing so I no longer have cockpit mod functionality. I have a secondary installation of the old launcher as well as mediavps 3.8 and FSO fs2_open_3_8_1_20180903. Using this I still have cockpit mod functionality and I really really would like to try the Myrmidon cockpit in POV. I am trying painfully to get this to work again and would accept any help in the matter to get the ball rolling. Admittedly I have not played around with my FSO directories and mods in some time and have forgotten a bit of know how I had picked up over the years.

This is the functionality I desire.


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Re: Old Cockpit Mod non-functional
When I started working on Knossos I originally planned to support the Cockpit Mod but I never got around to it. You can still use it, it just requires a bit of fiddling:
  • Go to Knossos' develop tab. Create a new mod, choose anything as the mod ID and name. Leave the other fields on their default values.
  • Create a new package if Knossos hasn't already created one.
  • Switch to the FSO tab, select a build and click Save.
  • Switch to your package, add the mod you want to play as a dependency and click Save.
  • Click the "Mod Path" link on the left side. Switch to the sub folder for your package and drop the Cockpit Mod files inside.
  • Click the Play button in Knossos. (It should be above the "Mod Path" link)
  • If you want to play another mod, modify the dependency on your mod, save and click play.