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3.6.16 multiplayer setup instructions - Games Thrusday 8PM GMT

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Up to you. If you deny that knowing they exist you're a liar. If you don't know they exist but simply claim they don't you're mistaken.

Doesn't alter the fact that there were several data bugs in TBP 3.4b though.

I made my position clear previously so stop being obtuse. This isn't the UN. It isn't Frost / Nixon. Hardly anyone is reading this and those that are, are backing you. That goes for all the other moderators. So grow some and say what you really think. Then we can move on.


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--- Quote from: andicirk on February 06, 2010, 05:03:24 am ---pmsl , "worked perfectly" now i know you have lost the plot , how many times were we hunting for each others games not being able to host or see hosted games
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Yeah. Obviously a game engine bug. The SCP programming team's job to fix. Not TBPs. The end user should have been able to simply drop in a new game executable to fix it. Except that SCP programmers lead by Goober and Karajorma decided that maintaining backward compatibility was just too much hard work. So instead, they made you their update b--ch :). Again. Have fun. Developing for SCP is a moving goal post.

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We've not talked before. I'm portej05, and I'm a fairly fresh member of the SCP team. That said, I take exception to an accusation that we don't take backwards compatibility seriously or that we've made anyone our 'b****'.
Karajorma and The_E have demonstrated to my satisfaction that it's a data bug in the core files. Without being able to modify the core files, we cannot fix this in TBP. Personally I think Zathras is a hack, but seeing as we're unable to modify the core files, it's the only way we're going to be able to fix that data.

Personally, I have recommended multiple times that we discontinue ANY form of support for TBP whatsoever. Partially because of your attitude, partially because we cannot modify the core files and mostly because there is no team around the mod (not including Zathras here) to keep it up to date with the engine. Backwards compatibility is a major goal of the engine.

Personally, Sir, your attitude towards the SCP is pure hostility. We haven't stolen your assets (we're the engine, not the management), and I personally resent your implication that we're a bunch of incompetents.


Zathras exists. Zathras can be modified to fix issues. End of story.

Just a note that 3.6.12 is in the RC stage.  If your using it take note that it will not be able to see 3.6.10 and most of 3.6.11 games.  Damn good idea to start testing it though so we can work any bugs out. 


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