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Re: Released Campaigns Thread
Some links (Alliance Fights Back, Eagle Takes Flight, Shivans as Phantoms & Echo-Gate) are here:
Some here:

For Dark Raji.
Move files .fs2 and fc2. inside Dark Raji\data\missions (create folders if they don't exist).
But this campaign was created long time ago and may be incompatible with recent fsport, mediavps or fso.

Few tools for creating .vp are mentioned here:*.VP
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Re: Released Campaigns Thread
Note: As a normal player you don't need to pack the files in vp's. It's just a good modder practice to use vp's to avoid having lots of folders and files and avoid data corruption.


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Re: Released Campaigns Thread
It has been pointed out to me that the links for the Memories of the Great War-downloads are dead ends ... considering there is an entirely new set of the FS_Port and MediaVps to update them to, I will not be providing a replacement at this time (and there is an intellectual property-issue a younger version of me never cared about I have to adress) ...

But once I have locked down my current FREDing on Of Shivans and Men, I will see to it to provide an updated version as soon as humanly possible
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Re: Released Campaigns Thread
Hey, I've got a suggestion, maybe somehow mark the ones available on Knossos? Actually, maybe we could use a :knossos: emote and just insert it in proper places on this list?
I suppose someone could also go through topics and websites of these campaigns and link to them, that could come in useful for someone.
Besides, there's a couple releases recently that could use listing here too for the sake of completeness. Namely: Exile: Into The Dark Waters, Mantle, Trimurti, the upgraded Sol: A History and Friends and Foes: Retribution. I can't seem to find any topic related to the upgrade of S:AH though.

Someone could get the released campaigns Wiki up to date using this topic too.
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Re: Released Campaigns Thread
I'd been hoping for a while to get Lost it's own article and connect it to the circulated campaign/mod lists. I think the original authors should write wiki articles whenever possible. May I get a wiki account/permission to write up an article for Lost?

Re: Released Campaigns Thread
PM Goober to get an account on the wiki. :)

Aside that, there was a call to improve things ( ), a good part of that are campaign-related things IIRC.

Re: Released Campaigns Thread
Ran into an odd bug with Vassago's Dirge through Knossos in what seems to be an uncapped framerate problem? Missions 1 & 2 run like they're being time compressed even though the speed is x1.

Re: Released Campaigns Thread
How would that be even possible?

Re: Released Campaigns Thread
Ok, so comparing missions I think it's just that the Shivan weapons have been altered to shoot rapid fire. They cause a hit stun effect on your fighter that's not always present in other campaigns.


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Re: Released Campaigns Thread
Any chance to add Gehenna's Gate and The Spirit of Ptah to the list?
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