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Trivial Psychic:
So I've taken a break from my pirate remapping, though I only have 2 ships left to do... and I still haven't entirely decided how to adorn them, and I've also been doing my play-through to both squash bugs and add character dialogue, but I've taken a break from that too, to follow my latest endeavor.

The campaign has a number of exerts from the movie, added in as command briefings, mission briefings, and debriefings... as well as the necessary in-mission voice files.  I've gotten the audio for them all, but I've been wanting to do more.  As I've been on vacation this week, I got it in my head to try something bold, add in the corresponding video exerts from the movie for the command briefings.  I was really hoping I could just cut out the video segment, drop it into the intelanims folder and let it play, but it seems that only ani, eff, and (A)PGN formats are permitted.  While I've got software to turn a video file into separate image files, it only extracts them to jpg format.  I've got that could convert them into PGN files, but it seemed like a lot of hassle, especially if it didn't work.  Then I got the idea to simply use an eff file, so I've been hard at work doing that, and I just completed... (drum roll) my second eff file.  It has taken a lot of trial and error, and lots of manual work (for which there's probably a simpler solution) to get them ready.

First, I was relieved to discover that eff files can be made to use jpgs, as the wiki doesn't mention that as a compatible format.  Secondly, my extraction software doesn't give you an option of how you want them named.  EFF files need to have their numerical sequence ending in _XXXX, and my extraction software only does 3 digits and precedes it a space, I have to go through and rename them all to match.  Also, the software starts at 001, and EFFs need to start with 0000, so I have to take that in account.  Thirdly, after I got them all properly renamed, I find that the audio for a command briefing stage won't play until the text sound effect has played, while the animation video will play from the get-go.  I checked the sound effect and saw that it was about 1.3 seconds, so I created the first 31 frames of the animation as total black frames... only to find that its more like 2.3 seconds before the audio starts playing, so I had to create another 24 black frames.  Also, each time I added more frames to the beginning, I had to rename all of the subsequent frames... again, manually.  Finally, as the original video was 23.98 frames per second, I set the eff file to 24, but found that by the end of it, the video had out-run the audio, so I had to reduce the frame-rate to 23, which seems to do the trick... though it's still out of sync by a fraction of a second.  Regardless, I seem to have achieved success, now knowing that I have to add 55 frames of black at the beginning of every one.

At one point I was considering the idea of completely cutting the video segment out and using it as a cutscene instead of command briefing, but I've been warned that it could be increasing the risk of getting caught in a copyright infringement.  I guess I'll have to settle for the command briefing stages.

I'll keep y'all updated.


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