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Testing missions is hard - you need to go through every single mission objective to see if it works, and balance it too for each objective failing, and watch all ships to see if they act according to the mission etc. etc. - a difficult task.

--- Quote ---Originally posted by Sushi:
The ancients MAY have had beams...for all we know, the Shivans got the technology from them before turning it against them.

What the ancients DIDN'T have, however, was shields.  

--- End quote ---

Says who?
all we truely know is that they couldn't penetrate shivan shields, they could of had different type of shields  
Also if the ancients had beams, the shivans did not take that from them, the shivans were around far longer than the ancients, one can only guess how old the Lucifer really was...

Defination of a shivan: Target Practice....
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--- Quote ---Originally posted by Setekh:
difficult task.
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I can do it no prob! Just send and Ill do. my Email is [email protected]

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