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Once the demo is complete, I would like some people to test it before I release it to everyone.

The demo will be 6 missions from chapter 1 of the Inferno camapign. It will include most the ships, command briefings, and some of the new weapons.

Post here if you are interested, it may still be a while though  

Of course Woo! I'd love to test for you!

[email protected]

Let's say it together...
Unidan (YOU-NIH-DAN)
Good, now say it 50 times fast. Excellent, you may now procceed to TSM-20724 2337

  I'll do it if you really want me to  
hehe... no matter what I'll have to say its too easy tho!  

    -Director of the staff of Hidden Terror.
   -Fleet Admiral of The Ancients Armada

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 i'm in
 send me that demo beta
[email protected]

I'll probably email you the link to the demo, it'll be too big to attatch to an email  


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