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Ever since I released JAD all the way back in... 2004... (Oh god, I've wasted my life), a lot of people have said some very nice things! I don't think I've ever seen a really negative comment related to JAD...

Well, I think this needs to change!

I challenge you, people of HLP, to write a review about JAD about how AWFUL and BAD it is. Attack the campaign, attack the FREDder, attack the awful jokes! Attack everything! I want to show this to myself 7 years ago to make him give up on FreeSpace and give up on life! (Cutting out this post setting the context of course)

Never played JAD? No problem, make something up!

Still can't bring yourself to hate on JAD? Pick one small annoyance and make a 400 word post about how it ruined everything!

Here's some inspiration: - DOTDOTDOT - One star reviews of Catcher in the Rye - Selected 1 star reviews from Amazon

Be as mean as you like, I promise not to hold it against you! (For now anyway)

Well, I mean isn't it the point that it's bad? If I say how bad it is you can just just say 'that's intentional and therefore good.'

So I mean really, given the formula, it can only be good.

There's no tricks! I will not respond to any post! There will actually be a point to all of this, but I require awful awful reviews.

Your use of disco music is an affront to all that is decent.  Every time it played I felt the desire to stab my eardrums out with blunt Q-tips.  I give JAD 1 star, and would give it zero stars if this scale went any lower. :no:

JAD3, when I first played it, was broken beyond belief! That mission with the unfunny Hecate squad of...whatever the **** they were. The whole mission was on noclip. Nothing would collide! I thought it was intentional until the directives told me to kill something. Normally. Its a little known fact that its hard to kill something without being able to hit it unless under special circumstances. Turns out that someone forgot that using set-object-position on every-time breaks all collision, that's just how the engine works! Only a moron would forget that! All the testers for it sucked too. Hell, I doubt it was even tested seeing as there's a mission that can't be completed (without '+k ing everything that needs to be killed). The only way something like that should ever happen is if that mission wasn't even played before release!

At least it was hack-fixed in the collectors addition, so +1 (yes I give 0 stars)

Total is...



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