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After two long weeks an amazing 39 people took the first Just Another Day Survey... And its those 39 brave souls that will let their opinions blanket over the people who didn't take it! So how let's look in detail at each question and the results!

I was interested in seeing what other campaigns people play. In retrospect, I should have included Inferno and Deus Ex Machina. Oh well!

The most played campaign that JAD players play? Blue Planet! I am so glad that all the BP jokes I added to JAD2.21 did not go to waste! Next comes (in order) Derelict and Transcend in the 90% range, and then Vassago's Dirge, Silent Threat Reborn and Wings of Dawn in the 80% range. Obviously I'll need to add more duct tape jokes...

Anyway, what can we infer from these trends? That the people who play JAD play other popular main-stream campaigns! Hear that FreeSpace hipsters? The game is up. Go play The Babylon Project! (And to the other 74% of you that didn't, play it anyway.)

Highlights from the Other Category are... Quite a few mentions about Inferno, Deux Ex Machina, Windmills, even a <Classified Information> (SOC campaign I guess!). Also thank you AndrewofDoom for letting your entry stand out by adding "Loliquest" to the Other campaigns you've played. :)

Pretty basic question. Everyone's played everything, right?
WHAT. 1/39 people didn't play JAD1?! And 2/39 others didn't play the rest?! Does that mean someone took the survey without playing ANY of the Just Another Day campaigns?! (No, but its better if I rage about it).

Kudos to the 72% of you who played the Christmas Special. I suppose the rest of you are waiting until Dec 24 to play it? :)

Onto the "review questions".

I didn't want to flat out ask what you thought of each campaign, so I did it "in code".

JAD1 - The average was 4.05/5. Not bad. I will find out who gave it the 2/5 and have them fed to the dogs.

JAD2 - Higher peak at the 5 rating! Average is 4.37. It was so tubular indeed.

JAD3 - Okay so this one might not be so accurate. A whopping 59% of you said there were Motherfrakking Shivans as the amount of Shivans. Shivans actually in the campaign? Mission 1 - The Sathanas, Mission 4 - The Demon, Mission 5 - The Demonic Lobster+Fighters, Mission 6 - The Sathanas again, and the Shivans on a Plane. Seriously guys, I expect that many Shivans from a Pre-FS1 or Reconstruction campaign! But if we take it as a rating we get... 4.18.

Therefore looking at these three questions, we can say that JAD2 is the best out of the Original Trilogy. The Empire Strikes Back of JAD if you will. I can see why, what with its dark ending and Alpha 1's descent into the dark side and stuff.

97% of you think Alpha 1 should continue making whimsical comments about the absurdity of the situations he is being placed in. That is by far the most lopsided response in the survey. What's your deal, single person who voted to have Alpha 1 shut up? Did he kick your puppy with his WORDS?

A good number of you think my over the top portrayal is an accurate rendition of the FS2 command personality. I see what you're saying, its because he's BLACK isn't it?! YOU RACISTS.
(But Axem, you're the one who wrote him like that!) (You fell into my racist trap, you racist)

Aha! None of you think that FRED is a ripoff from the campaign designer from DEM! But some of you think he's me. And more think he's stuck in a mental hospital... And even more think its me, ripping off of DEM and I'm in a mental hospital...

Let's move on...

74% percent said it was accurate to some degree! The other 26% need some form of mental therapy.

Good to see that more than half of people who play JAD have experienced disco music! (I'm guessing your disco listening habits exclude JAD, otherwise... are you turning down the music during the campaign...?)

No real surprise here. I've seen a lot of mentions about people laughing uncontrollably when Disco Inferno played for the first time.

Many of you consider that JAD is a character driven campaign! How about that! And a close number of people think that JAD is a Linear Non Interactive Explode-o-rama. Personally I think that JAD is a Linear Non Interactive Character Driven Explode-o-rama, so that works for me.

Thank god that "Lots More Hats" won... (And looks like Mjn is off the hook... this time)

Onto the JAD2.21 questions! These were the ones I was most curious in.

Average Score 4.74! With such high reviews, I suppose you could call this the Phantom Menace of the JAD Series... Right? ... Right?

Okay, now this is was something I was seriously wondering. Was going in a anime-heavy direction going to make people go "I don't get your weird jokes. This sucks." One thing I wanted to do during testing was to have someone with limited knowledge of anime play it and see how they liked it, but I never got around to it!

Now while a lot of you <3 anime, the 41% of you that give your anime liking a lower score still seem to really like JAD2.21. So that means I can keep on cranking out those anime jokes, right?

Most of you thought its was juuuust right. That's good. I guess there's enough "normal humor" to offset any missed "anime jokes" that you didn't get.

Also I see that DarthWang took the survey 4 times.

Most of you think Holley is... Self Centered! Great, most of you saw what I was going for with her! Next you think she's... sweet...

We're talking about the same character here, right?

Anyway, lots of annoying, selfish and mean votes as well. Even a few "worst thing ever to happen to JADs". I'm sure she'll love that.

Sweet? Really?

Of course he's badass! He kills Testers and doesn't afraid of anything. Half of you thought that he's self-centered too. Huh... a lot of these characters seem to be pretty much like jackasses...


(That many votes for Self centered? Really?)

I'm going to assume by the large number of 1s and 5s that you all loved Lemongrass Market.

Who wouldn't want to go to a system full of beaches with high school girls? This regret may be addressed in a mission to come soon!

I forgot the Hard Light Gun. So sue me.

Anyway, most of you like the Helios Apocalypse. Why would you all take a weapon that couldn't even kill a Beta Tester? Weirdos...

Interestingly, this was sort of even between the three colors. However most of you liked the Blue core... which was destroyed at the very start of the mission...

Even more interestingly enough, 10% of you are colorblind. What are the odds of this?

"It is well known, that approximately every twelfth man and every 200st woman suffers from some form of color blindness."

Every twelfth man is about 8%... not too far off of the colorblind mark...  :eek:

That's not too far off from the gameplay time I give you as each fighter...

And three whole people liked those 5 seconds where you get to kill the Beta Tester with one shot. I don't blame you. Easiest. Kill. Ever.


I feel so dirty now...

Way to be polite about this guys... :(

Unsurprisingly, most people play with a keyboard and mouse. And some deviant played it with a gamepad. I feel even dirtier now.

Most of you want Holley to keep on being Holley! Also neat is the fact that more people would rather see her die than grow up and mature... Harsh.

And most of you want Delta 1 to keep on being Delta 1. Good.

Most of you want him to do nothing? Awesome, this'll be the easiest writing yet.

Onto the freeform questions where I ask you your theories and thoughts.

Note that the Beta Testers started appearing at Third, so the first and second aren't the ones in the first and second missions. They are mysterious unseen Beta Testers! (Just like in Evangelion)

I think the first Beta Tester is...

With the most mentions is... Axem and FRED at 4! Other clever mentions are Crystal, Beta 1, Epsilon 1 (what a tweeest!), and even General Battuta. Oddly enough, there were two soft drink related entries! One thought he was Soft Drinks and another said he was a fan of cola. *Memo to self, get soda endorsement deal*

I think the second Beta Tester is...

With the most entries here is... Spoon and Alpha 1 tied at 2! (Does this mean Spoon is Alpha 1?! Discuss!) Other ideas are Holley, Terran Frakking Command, Beta 1 (again), Something related to clocks... (seriously that's what they put), Lorna Simms, Jazzy(?), and some lurker named LunarNightmare.

What is the moral of Just Another Day 2.21?

Now for the fun one...

Given such a free form question, the answers would be all over the place right?

WRONG. A good number of them all relate to FRIENDSHIP and/or LOVE!

--- Quote ---"AIJOU YUUJOU

Love and friendship will win the day. Be nice to the quiet guys, because they might come swooping in at the last second with the right color-coded gun to save your butt.

(TL note: love and friendship means aijou yuujou)"
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"Let's be friends!"
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"LET'S BE FRIENDS!"
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"Working together can get you through what normally seems impossible.
And crazy-awesome ship mash-ups."
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"Love conquers all!"
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"friendz are gud, friendship is magic."
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"Friendship, lazors and mechs carry the day."
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"Friendship Is Magic."
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"To embrace everyone in the galaxy and be friends by using the wonderfu power of Anime, while lauding the advance of the GTVAngelion project."
--- End quote ---

Other fun answers include:

--- Quote ---"Don't trust genki girls too much or your campaign gets released early."
--- End quote ---
Yes, I will make note of this...

--- Quote ---"Be picky about what testers you pick, kill the others."
--- End quote ---
Yes indeed.

--- Quote ---"Tacos are dangerous.

Also, not enough beer references might be indicative of a non-alcoholic moral. "
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---"That you should never, under ANY circumstances, take a laxitive and a sleeping pill on the same night"
--- End quote ---
Double what.

Special mention goes to Spoon who just copy pasted this

Final Round!

What a tweest!


Great survey. Thanks Axem!

Im the deviant with the gamepad. AND IM PROUD OF IT

Awesome write up

priceless , this should be preserved for the posterity.


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