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--- Quote ---[21:22:08] * Axem hols up Mustang with a fillibuster
[21:22:11] <@Axem> holds*
[21:22:17] * Axem starts reading from the phone book
[21:22:39] * AndrewofDoom duct tapes Axem's mouth shut
[21:22:48] * Axem uses sign language
[21:23:01] <AndrewofDoom> >:(
[21:24:29] <Kyad> theres a solution for this too, but while we dont need him to talk the odds of getting JAD 2.22 go significantly down if we chop off his hands
[21:25:43] <@Axem> :o
[21:26:27] <AndrewofDoom> Less I see of holly the better
[21:26:48] <@Axem> good thing holly isnt in jad2.22
[21:26:55] <@Axem> however holley is
[21:27:07] <AndrewofDoom> Less I see of holley the better as well
[21:27:11] <@Axem> oh
[21:27:12] <@Axem> why
[21:27:15] <Kyad> but
[21:27:16] <@Axem> she's the main character
[21:27:17] <Kyad> delta 1
[21:27:20] <@Axem> there's no story without her
[21:27:35] <AndrewofDoom> Delta 1 in his manliness can take over
[21:28:18] <@Axem> why do you like delta 1 more
[21:28:35] <AndrewofDoom> Because he isn't as annoying as Holley
[21:28:47] <@Axem> ok
[21:28:52] <@Axem> so i need to make delta 1 more annoying
[21:28:53] <@Axem> thanks
[21:29:02] <AndrewofDoom> I'm burning down Blue Planet resorts too so ALPHA 1 can come back too
[21:29:20] <@Axem> you assume alpha 1 can get back :p
[21:29:33] <Kyad> his fighter is in the shop?
[21:29:53] <AndrewofDoom> Silly Axem. ALPHA 1 is prepared for anything
[21:29:59] <@Axem> isnt it odd how alpha 1 goes to blue planet resorts, then some shadowy council named steele starts pulling strings behind everything?
[21:30:00] <@Axem> HMMMM?
[21:31:15] <Kyad> ya know, since alpha 1 is the one one who can ever get **** done, that makes too much sense
[21:31:34] <Kyad> only one*
[21:32:31] <@Axem> well his replacements arent doing THAT bad of a job
[21:32:36] <@Axem> i mean there's taco shortages and stuff
[21:35:32] <AndrewofDoom> I don't really care for tacos so that doesn't bother me
[21:36:03] <@Axem> so that means holley and co are doing just a fine enough job for andrew
[21:36:24] <AndrewofDoom> Cept holley is annoying
[21:36:29] <AndrewofDoom> So annoying
[21:36:31] <AndrewofDoom> I want her to die
[21:36:42] <AndrewofDoom> Apparently there's only one other person who agrees
[21:36:46] <@Axem> well then i hope misuzu dies too!
[21:36:48] <@Axem> she's annoying
[21:37:09] <@Axem> there can only be one genki girl airhead pilot
[21:37:13] <AndrewofDoom> Misuzu I could tolerate.
[21:37:28] <AndrewofDoom> But STEELE wins hands down
[21:37:55] <Kyad> steele = alpha 1, the logic is there and not yet unproven
[21:38:14] <AndrewofDoom> But Steele is more than one person
[21:38:23] <Descolada> pff
[21:38:26] <Descolada> clearly alpha 1 is a shivan
[21:38:33] <Kyad> hmm
[21:38:35] <AndrewofDoom> Unless there's a clone army of ALPHA 1 s
[21:38:38] <Kyad> so steele is a shivan
[21:38:52] <Kyad> the real reason he let all those ships get their asses kicked at DE was to weaken both sides
[21:38:53] <@Axem> remember, there are multiple alpha 1s
[21:38:58] <AndrewofDoom> Rather benevolent for a Shivan
[21:38:59] <Kyad> its a massive trap D:
[21:39:13] <@Axem> the alpha 1 you play as was brought in because the alpha 1 before him went crazy!
[21:40:05] <Kyad> so steele is the a crazy shivan
[21:40:16] <@Axem> maaaay
[21:40:17] <@Axem> be
[21:40:30] <@Axem> itd make as much sense as anything else
[21:40:52] <AndrewofDoom> Too intelligent for a shivan
[21:41:02] <@Axem> shivans are intelligent
--- End quote ---

Therefore, Steele is a smart, crazy shivan previously known as 4lpha 1.

I believe that STEELE are super awesome hyperintelligent train cars.

Why you ask? BECAUSE I CAN.

A nice plot hole right there! (or not?, not sure really..)
We all know 4lpha 1 to be tough as STEELE.

I think...

wait no.

I don't.

STEELE is probably just a bunch of lazy modders who want to hijack the JAD-verse for themselves and take all the credit rather than make their own mod.


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