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Dear Fanbase...

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How are you?

I am doing fine. Work on JAD2.22 has officially begun. I know that there can be a trend for good and awesome things to suddenly go awful and terrible. Please indulge me and tell me the things that would ruin JAD forever. I will be sure to take the complete contrary approach and be sure not to not never ever do them never ever.

Respectfully yours,

Making JAD require Origin to play.

Not having a Colossus getting blown up.

Not having disco music.

What would ruin jad... mmm.

-Not having a completely flawless checkpoint resuming system in place on at least one long mission.
-Not having the player start facing the sun.
-Not having the HLP squad on at least a mission.
-Not having a single mission with all the dialogue upside down.
-Not having disco music (yeah I know, must be reminded several times I'm afraid)
-Not having a mission to the grocery shop.
-Not sure what else.

GLaDOS takes over Command.  And introduces Alpha1's new career... as a test pilot.  :lol:

Please give daily updates on how your mission fredding progress on your missions is progressing.


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