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Semi-Random Screenshot Thread

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Let's get a little activity rolling in here! Dazzle you with some neat screenshots!

First we see Holley running afoul of the culturally elite, who sic their butler after her.

oh no, Big troublE! iT seems thAT onE of holley'S friends has been copied! i wonder who has Technology to pull off SomEthing odd weiRd like that!

And here we see many Holley clones.

And here we see a screenshot from another Original Very Awesome mission pack. Another prequel mission, this time showing the time Delta 1 got his new custom fighter! So new, he hasn't been able to paint it red yet! Also it seems to come with annoying software.

And the sky full of Holleys...


--- Quote from: Axem on September 30, 2012, 06:30:43 pm ---And here we see many Holley clones.

--- End quote ---

Just Another Day: The Clone Wars? :nervous:

Begun, the Holley Wars have...

An Antagonist reference! Awesome!


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