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FS2 on Ubuntu


OK so after all my windows computers in my house suffered one SBOD too many and updateing windows vista caused a total system unrecoverable crash I now have a 500 gig hdd with Linux Ubuntu 13.10 installed, and I totally miss playing Freespace
I am terminal phobic and so new to linux that unless everything is in a .deb format so I can use the software center to install it I'm lost, can somebody please link me to everything I need to run freespace.
Also my copy of Freespace 2 is in windows format when I bought it from GOG, so how can I either install that on Linux or get another copy?

There is a guide up there in the top nav bar.  Click it and then click Linux.  Don't fear the Terminal.  The Terminal is your friend.

Might link him to the gog installer extractor script if that's not on the wiki.  On my phone and can't find it right now.

Heh, heh, 1st result...

which brings you here:

... which should probably be in the Linux write up.

Thank you guys, all links are gonna be read and followed :)


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