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XCode 5 : Goto into protected scope

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Noob here, but interested in contributing so I checked out the source and Im trying to build in XCode 5 on Mavericks.
Kept getting fails with 'goto in protected scope' errors. in missionmessage.cpp.

declaring builtinMessage before all the goto messages makes it happy.
Anyway hope this is helpful in some small way.

diff attached.

[attachment kidnapped by pirates]

I've been making our builds with Xcode 5.1.1 for a while now with no halting errors.  I am on mountain lion though but that shouldn't change the compilation result since we set explicit SDKs and targets in the Xcode4 project file.

The E:
Good catch, but this should have been fixed in revision 10760 (commit by Niffiwan on June 7th) already.

thanks chaps - Ill check out again see how I go.
Chief - getting some other halting errors also, at the moment 'Too Many arguments provided to function like macro invocation'
Seems to be complaining about ADE_FUNC declaration in lua.cpp.

Gotta say from reading the sticky I didnt expect a response so fast , you guys are ON IT !


Chief - scratch that latest checkout built fine. Ta!


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